Traditionally Published Authors want to Self-Publish and Self-Publishing Authors want Traditional Contracts.. go figure!

From a great article at DBW: g-ground-of-book-pr-in-2014/?et_mid=652831 &rid=240997522 But the reality is that the long-tail marketing needs of writers remains an unsolved publishing issue, and one that confounds writers as much as anyone. Sam Missingham, current head of events at HarperCollins Publishers in the UK and a co-founder of Futurebook explained the author paradox in a post last year. According to the Futurebook Digital Census study, almost half of the traditional authors surveyed considered switching to self-publishing, expressing concerns with the marketing and pricing strategies for their book. Conversely, 43% of self-published authors expressed a desire for a traditional publishing deal, citing a desire for the marketing support that a traditional publisher can provide. In other words, the very same issue authors were most dissatisfied with in their traditional publishing relationship.

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