The Writers Union of Canada is asking members if Self-Publishing authors should be accepted…. hahahahahahaha!

Robert’s Summary: Who cares what dinosaurs vote on? These ” guilds” are so mired in the past that it is laughable that they think they matter. They are elitist and their “membership” is nothing but old guys on the way out. Hell, over half of them are contacting indie publishers like us about getting out of their traditional contracts and coming over to our side of the fence. hahahahahahaha! (Can you tell that I have anger management issues with these guys? FYI, I’ve been fisticuff with them all since we started self-publishing in earnest 6 or so years ago. Amazing how times change and the bad guys become good! From the Toronto Star: Meanwhile, at Kindle, 14 self-published titles have sold more than one million copies each in 2013, up from two titles last year. (Rob notes that these authors are probably not in any Guild). —————- So big is the self-publishing phenomenon that the Writers’ Union of Canada is – for the first time in its 40-year history – sending a referendum to its members to establish whether they would admit self-published authors, says the chair of the union, Dorris Heffron. In the past, they were not eligible for membership because one of the criteria was that members had to be professionals: paid for their writing. But in a world where self-published authors can now become overnight millionaires, that criteria seems a bit moot. Read full article: ublishing.html Best! Robert Fletcher – CEO Linked In: Twitter: @Robert_CEO, CEO Blog:

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