You’re Only Perfect Twice: At Birth and on Your Resume – by Larry Dillon

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With unemployment at a record high, it’s more crucial than ever to have some extra arsenal in your bag to stand out above the rest. Although we have numerous ways in which to find out what jobs are out there, from internet sites to online social networks, all of them have one thing in common: you are still competing against millions of candidates for that one perfect job.

Recruiters receive thousands of resumes every week. Your resume may be reviewed or may be electronically scanned and rejected. The odds of success could be 1 in 500. Sound hopeless? It doesn’t have to be and the expertise and strategy contained in this book could make the difference between your resume being heaped on an endless piles with others or getting the job you want.

The processes that used to work for acquiring a job are obsolete. Your success depends solely on serious research and expert planning and preparation. There are things within your control. Dillon’s step-by-step strategy will have you on your way to securing the job and future you want.

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