Winning Wizard’s Words of Management Wisdom:Book 1: Starting Out-by William P. Fisher, Ph.D

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Winning Wizard’s Words of Management Wisdom is the second book in the author’s Winning Wizard series, and it is the sequel to Winning Wizard’s Leadership Axioms for Career Progression and Everyday Living.

The book follows up on a retired Chief Executive Officer of an international organization by the name of Winning Wizard. The executive is mentoring Radael (leader spelled backwards), a young management trainee in need of advice and guidance, and learning how to survive and advance in the organization.

The book identifies many management issues and challenges, each culminating in Words of Management Wisdom. The action takes place in the land of Yenom (money spell backwards). The words of wisdom provided are incisive, trenchant, and thought provoking.

There are 40 chapters, including the titles Climbing an Organization Mountain; Management ABCs; Leaders vs. Bureaucrats; Bosses; and The Perfect Executive.

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Keywords:- Management, Leadership, Progression, Wizardry, Organizations, Success, Development


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