Wine’s Nutritional Power: Vitamins – Minerals – Enzymes – Acids – by A J Morris, Jr., PhD

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Wine is the most perfect of all foods, according to Louis Pasteur, and is the closest known substance to blood.

Hebrew history records that wine was used for covenants and daily as a water purifier.
Wine was the sustaining nutrition hidden in cellars when enemy armies stole the food.

Florence Nightingale saved the British Army during the Crimean War when they were losing hundreds of soldiers a day from cholera, typhus, and Brucellosis plagues. Desperate generals finally agreed to let her fifty nurses help. The power of her wine remedy in the water buckets will astound you.

In 1938, USDA researcher Agnes Fay Morgan discovered fermentation caused grape juice to create new vitamins, acids, and other nutritional substances; but USDA research was stopped by regulatory agencies claiming wine was “alcoholic liquor,” and it was not classified as a food. This careless, mislabeled, comingled, confusing, and interchangeable use of the terms “wine” and “liquor” has caused the ignorance and rejection of wine as a fermented food product.

In the author’s next book, Wine’s Medicinal Power, he investigates the medicinal elements of disease-destroying acids and will present shocking university discoveries that confirm the food-chain power of wine.

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