Willie Goes To The Farm – by Stacey Ann Beitler

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In this illustrated book, educator and writer Stacey Ann Beitler’s Willy Goes to the Farm is a wonderful children’s tale that teaches children about the power of love and acceptance.

Old Mac has a farm—it’s a magical place where animals live, play and make their own unique sound. There are plenty of quacks, moos, and oinks! Children from all over the world sing about Old Mac’s farm and love to sing the sounds that the animals make.

One day a rabbit hops over to the farm and although he’s unable to make a sound, he has a special talent. The rabbit stays, and soon animals from far and wide come to the farm, each wanting to show Old Mac their own special talent. But when Willy the worm comes to the farm, he can’t make a sound and he can’t think of one thing he can do. Sadly, Willy starts to leave the farm.

Then Mrs. Mac and all the other animals help Willy to discover that he does have a talent. What is Willy’s talent? Can Willy find a new home and new friends?

Beitler’s tale has colorful and imaginative characters with a delightful story that children will want to revisit time and time again. She expertly incorporates childlike wonder with important lessons about self esteem and acceptance.

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Keywords:- Character Education, Morals, Values, Ethics, Acceptance, Diversity, Tolerance, Animals, Farm, Worm, Old MacDonald, Friendship, Caring, Teaching, Elementary Education.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Farm Animals, Love & Romance.

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