Why Kill A Parapsychologist? – by Madelaine Lawrence

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Why Kill A Parapsychologist, the second Dr. Susan Kemper novel, finds the successful North Carolina investigative team Susan Kemper, forensic hypnotherapist and Tom Danford, defense lawyer, and Susan’s two college aged sons puzzling over a brutal murder. Dr. Peter Reeves, a parapsychologist and gay activist, is stabbed in his home. His partner, David Birley, Esq the team’s client, is the chief suspect according to burly Detective Stan Lukowski.

Whatever Dr Reeves was involved in must have been important. Someone dangerous wants the team off the case enough to attempt to kidnap Susan and shoot at Tom. Susan’s youngest son, Jeff, the computer guru, is scared enough to request a bullet proof vest in green, his favorite color.

This cozy murder is complicated by romantic entanglements. Unbeknownst to most outsiders, Susan and Tom are practically living together. Dick Jennings, the director of the CSI team, is attracted to Susan, and is shot during one of her kidnap attempts. Susan not only has to work on solving the murder, she needs to choose between two men, one of which took a bullet for her.

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Genres:- Fiction Thriller.

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