Why Do We Live? : A Simple Answer to a Complex Question – by B. P. Pai

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Why Do We Live? A Simple Answer to a Complex Question is an analytical book that prompts readers to think about the realities of life. It was written to make us understand the complexities around us and to see through the complex behavior of different groups of people.

Author B. P. Pai researched many different faiths, only to discover different answers to the same basic questions. “The existence of thousands of concepts of Gods and rituals made me to go into the basic question as to why there are different answers to the same enquiry.”

The author also asks why people fight when both sides have relatively same answer. “This motivated me to go deep into the various misconceptions that create disturbance in the world,” Pai says.

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Keywords:-Life, Happiness, Sin, God, Pain, Morality, Live.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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