Who Is John Benson? – by William Flagg Magee

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Who Is John Benson? He walks with death on his mind, as he mourns the tragic passing of his wife Mimi. Grieving for his wife of thirty years, John Benson’s life takes a turn he never could have imagined.

A photojournalist, John is offered a job taking photos of an oasis owned by a wealthy Middle Eastern sheik. But it turns out the sheik is hatching a diabolical plot that will kill millions.

Seduced by two women, one a Mossad agent, and the other a CIA agent, his life is turned upside down.

John turns into a warrior for justice. As for the sheik? A Mossad agent brought out of retirement will try to dissuade him from his bioterrorism scheme. This exhilarating thriller will keep readers guessing until the very end.

Keywords:- Laboratory, Anthrax, Ebola, Las Vegas, Dallas, Sculpture Garden, Clinic, Austin, NV, San Francisco

Genres:- Mystery, Romance

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