White Bars – by David Dagley

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White Bars is the comical tale of two myna birds trapped in neighboring cages in a pet shop, and their plot to escape. Soren, a young myna plucked from his nest as an egg, has never known what it means to be free. But Fife, an older, worldly bird does, and he longs to fly home to the tropical forests across the Pacific Ocean. Every evening after the pet shop closes, the store becomes a stock market where the caged animals trade what they have for what they want: seed, sand, plants and bugs. Will Soren and Fife be able to barter for their freedom? Or will their wings stay clipped?

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Keywords:- Middle Grade Young Adult, Comical, Myna Birds Plot Escape, Petshop, Soren Plucked From His Nest, Reo fife, Worldly, Fly Home, South East Asia, Field Mice Broker Trades Between Cages, Barter For Freedom, Animals, Educational Awareness, Hamsters, Snakes, Lizards, Toads, Rats, Packrats, Love Birds, Parrots, Inside Verses Outside, Animated Movie Potential, Right And Wrong, Read to Book, Plan, White Bars, Caged Animal Awareness, David C. Dagley, David Dagley, Alaska Writer, Raised In Mill Valley, Mount Tamalpias, California Coastline.

Genres:- Fiction, Humorous.

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