Whispering Palms – by R.S.Charles

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What better way to study the strengths and frailties of human behavior than to place a complex cast of characters onto a remote, secluded Caribbean Island that has been lost in time? How will the disparate bunch of English Aristocrats, bohemian residents, and enigmatic visitors react when faced with the forceful challenges this island presents in the realms of romance, lust, and envy? How will island gossip, secrets, and innuendo affect each character’s behavior as they navigate their way through greed, hypocrisy, and blackmail? While the island’s palm trees sway gently in the tropical breeze, the characters of Whispering Palms bend and twist, allowing their suspicions and mutual contempt to lead to misfortune and, ultimately, tragedy.

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Keywords:- Mystery, Suspense, Enigmatic, Puzzle, Whodunit, Complex Characters, Glitz, Glamour, Glossy, Compelling Page Turner, Paradise, Luxury, Wealth, Aristocrats, Bohemian, Intrigue, Duplicity, Gossip, Humor, Rumor, Secrets, Greed, Whispers, Suspicion, Sins, Emotions, Blackmail, Romance, Lust, Envy, Hypocrisy, Contempt, M/m, Bisexual, Adult Themes, Sizzling, Gripping, Fast Paced, Unpredictable Plot, Sultry, Caribbean, Tropical, Palms, Drama, Adventure, Psychological Thriller, Human Behavior.

Genres:- Fiction, Suspense.

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