What Art Is and Isn’t : An Aesthetic Tract – by Donald Knowles Richardson

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What Art Is and Isn’t is a fascinating, concise, and cogent explanation of the similarities and differences between art and design, of the role of craft and the computer, and their relationship with architecture.

It broaches such taboo subjects as nudity, pornography, the erotic, Aboriginal art, graffiti, kitsch, ‘intelligent design’ and the art industry.
What Art Is – and Isn’t explains concisely and rationally the absolute centrality of the aesthetic in our daily lives as well as in art and design.
This philosophical discussion will expand your horizons and open your mind to new concepts. But it also draws on art of the past, providing an easily understood critique of the writings of popular art and design theorists EH Gombrich, Nikolaus Pevsner, John Berger, Clement Greenberg and Arthur C Danto.

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Keywords:- Art, Design, Craft, Aesthetics, Architecture, Pornography, Nudity, Erotic Art, Aboriginal Art, Graffiti, Kitsch, Intelligent Design, Art Industry, Art Theory, Art Education.

Genres:- Art, Design, General.

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