Wetwork : Book Three of The SeaOx Series – by Terrence (T) Mault

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Book three of the thrilling SeaOx series continues with Pelling, a rogue ETA agent, surfacing in Berlin. He has millions in stolen cash with him and millions more tucked away in offshore accounts.

Pelling hooks up with the beautiful Amelia, who helps him purchase Schongebeit, a magnificent estate in the Turkish sector. He then jets off to Atlanta to reunite with Ida Tesh, where he comes face to face with Reo Racicot, the ETA agent sent to kill him and recover the millions taken from their offshore account.

Instead of a deadly encounter, Racicot, Pelling, and Tesh join forces to plan an accident that will fool the ETA into thinking they are all dead. The accident is set to happen after they rob the Royal Bank in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. Then their plan is to escape to Schongebeit. Will their plan work?

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Keywords:- Terrorist, Basques, E.T.A., Pelling, Offshore Banks, Surete

Genres:- FICTION.

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