Walking With The Old Ones : Awakening to Native American Spirituality and Healing – by Margo Danger-Smith

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What are the answers to the unanswerable? The question is as old as time, as is the journey of those who have chosen to set their feet on various and diverse pathways to true understanding. Wachetecuma’s personal path to Native American spirituality unfolded over a span of more than 60 years, though dreams, visions, and inspiration. The story of her journey is told both in her own words and in the words of the Old Ones. Eleven years ago, she met a Shaman, who became her mentor. For three years their paths were as one; they served the Old Ones as Hollow Bones Healers, growing through ever-greater insight and understanding, to a powerful sense of purpose, a connection to the Universal All. Wachetecuma encourages others to trust that still small voice within, to open to their hearts, to disregard detractors, and to faithfully follow their true path, ‘walking their talk.’ Never doubt that the path you are traveling – whether a path of your personal understanding, or the Good Red Road – is not just the right path for you; it is the only path for you.

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Keywords:- Native American, Spirituality, Mysticism, Inspiration, Healing, Self-Help, Shamanism.


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