Visions of Time – by Peter J. Brown

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Recently, news editor Gene Harman keeps waking up from strange dreams night after night. His dreams previously have been of past catastrophic events, unnerving in themselves, but now his dreams take a more chilling turn. Investigating a spate of local murders, Detective Andy Dale joins up with Gene to help unravel the mystery behind the news editor’s latest disturbingly prophetic dream. With his private life collapsing around him, Gene seeks solace from University Professor Trudy Ballinger. If Gene is having visions of the future, will he be able to avert the crisis in time?

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Keywords:- Mystery, Fiction, Peter J Brown, Action, Nightmares, Psycho Thriller, Doomsday Scenario, Descriptive, Murder, Prophetic, Chilling, Time, Life, University, Professor, Catastrophe.

Genres:- Mystery & Detective.

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