US Health Care : The King Is Naked – by Mushtaq A. Awan, MD

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Medical care is a necessity of life. However, some smart people have overblown its importance and its role in society for their own benefit, and are extracting a heavy price from society.

For their own interest, the medical establishment has erected great “holy temples” for people to worship at and pay visits in the form of periodic physical exams, which then lead to further visits to not only the primary “priest,” but to other higher priests so they can exorcise the real or the perceived ghost from the worshiper.

Everyone seems to forget our past, a time when people lived long and healthy lives without so many of these priests and beautiful temples. And certainly to make Charles Darwin angry, we are overlooking our close relatives the gorillas and orangutans that survive just fine in the jungles without periodic visits to the priests.

The purpose of the book US Health Care: The King is Naked is to remind us that good health and long life can be achieved for the vast majority of us by practicing and following the known principals of healthy living. We don’t need this costly system advocated by health care gurus, which is mostly for their own benefit and is only of marginal benefit to society as a whole.

People, and not the government or its piggybacked health care advocates, should be responsible for their health and health care. Instead of Obamacare, look to Mother Nature’s care!

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