Urth : The Discovery of Earth before Atlantis – by Jack Nast

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In the sci-fi world of the late author Jack Nast, the planet Xena, attempting to launch its first manned rocket ship, instead has its ship hijacked by a young would-be priest.

The ship gets caught up in the tail of a passing comet and is catapulted to the far side of the sun, where an unknown planet’s gravity saves it from destruction. Atlan, the ship’s soul occupant, survives the crash on Urth. Though he is looked upon as a traitor by his own people, he becomes a god in the eyes of people on Urth.

Years after he establishes himself as a ruler, another ship arrives from Xena piloted by his arch rival Trianos. Atlan is arrested and transported back to his home planet for trial. Banished to prison, Atlan escapes using the power of a crystal and makes his way back to his wife on Urth. They become rulers of a new nation named in honor of Atlan, called Atlantis.

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Keywords:- Atlantis, Science, Fiction, Adventure, Earth, Space, Exploration.

Genres:- Fiction, Fantasy, General, Historical.

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