Tomorrow Will Be (9781608605194) – by Patrick Ofili

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Masoli, an African country was well endowed with natural resources yet impoverished; and the Bakondo tribe continued to hold sway, despite mounting resentment from the other five tribes.

In the face of all the odds Ghani Abaku, a man of very humble beginnings from a minority tribe, was on the verge of defeating the incumbent president in a free and fair election when the military seized power again, and he fled into exile.

After the country’s military leader, as well as some leading exiles, fell to assassins’ bullets, a bitter civil war ensued pitting the military regime against an opposition coalition of exiles. Luka Lamar, a prominent member of the military regime, had defected to the opposition and became the general field commander unaware of a top-level decision that he was not to survive the war.

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