To Hell With Greed and Guns – Gods and Prophets – by F.K. McGarry

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To better understand world terrorism, read To Hell With Greed and Guns – Gods and Prophets. It is a powerful story set in the 1970s, about a ship chartered by the U.N. that brings food and urgently needed medical supplies to an African town housing almost one million refugees.

Feel the terror faced by these starving and homeless people, who must face down vengeful boy soldiers. The ship’s second mate, Hugh Savage, defies the army and the local priest by unloading guns and bibles found with the cargo. It is he who shows that the only difference between those fighting the army and the refugees is in the mutation of their religious beliefs. When Savage goes to the local hospital to see for himself the horrific wounds inflicted on the refugees, he meets Doctor Eva LeCource, a French woman working there for the U.N.

The book asks many questions about terrorism, including why children can be abused by would-be holy men who teach them hatred of their fellow man. It blames religious bigots, past and present, for bringing the human race to its knees. To Hell With Greed and Guns also shows that there can be hope for the future.

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Keywords:- World terrorism, terror, abuse, religion, human race, ship chartered, medical.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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