Til Death Do Us Part: Filthy Rich – by C. Dale Baldwin

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Resheda-Rae Alexandria Mona and Clyde Ramon Muscat are newlyweds living a very successful, lavish, and lucrative lifestyle in New York City. They love the lifestyle that New York offers, as the couple enjoys the high life. Working hard and playing hard, their marriage is exciting and new. They say their vows in Manhattan and honeymoon in Hawaii. They purchase a home and open a bar in the City that they name Tempo NYC! And they also vacation in the Hamptons in the summer with friends.

Clyde is a successful and esteemed banker who relishes spending and investing his money. He heads one of Manhattan’s largest financial institutions, and as president of operations he makes the decisions. Well-salaried Clyde has always been enamored with money; he loves money so much that he even wallpapers his office with it. So when a big offer comes his way for an easy payday, he cannot miss out on a chance to have more.

Unbeknownst to Clyde, Resheda-Rae is a CIA special agent. She covers her career as a special agent by working as a broker of her own real estate firm and a professional home decorator. She cannot disclose her status to Clyde for his safety. Their love is new and affectionate as they live life fast and free … until he comes under her scope. Then she must deal with the pain of bringing him to justice and possibly losing the love of her life.

Their marriage will indeed last Til Death Do Us Part.

Keywords:- Love, Romance, Sex, Espionage, Terror, Tragedy, Entrepreneur, Success.

Genres:- Romance.

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