Think Tank – by Bob Cohn

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Dr. Perry Annister, a Washington Think Tank “wunderkind” partner bidding on the President’s 2050 Project, delivers a speech at Harvard recommending that elected Government Officials should have Government Sciences Degrees. Harvard, then Stanford, publish the speech hoping to add profitable courses to their curricula.
The University and Presidential endorsements unleash stormy responses, foreign and domestic, from politicians to oil and drug cartels, that terrorize Perry to stop him from disrupting their operations. Hunted and pursued by Mafia and covert Intelligence operatives, Perry and his beautiful PhD fiancée, Jackie, desperately run for their lives. Traumatized and wounded, they frantically fight back and escape several times, using brainpower, athleticism and unseen help to outwit merciless killers.
Realizing their danger, the President appoints NSA/Secret Service Agents to protect the beleaguered pair as they dodge car bombs and bullets, from Las Vegas to the White House, until the President himself unveils a surprising life saving solution.

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Keywords:- Thriller, fiction, murder, killer, mystery, politics, romance, action, chase, fugitive, protection, victim, Ph.D, escape, hi-tech, CIA, FBI, NSA, Secret Service, conspiracy, outwit, survival, bulletproof, helicopter, hit-man, wounded, magnum, agent, spy, predator.

Genres:- Fiction, Suspense, Political.

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