The Wrath of a Merciful God – by Neels Welsh

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This book consists of the following events and what is going to happen soon. With color illustrations.

Read of the seven churches of Revelation 2 and 3, along with a short bit of history. Discover the beasts around the throne of God and who they really are. The opening of the seals starts with the first seal up to seventh seal, and it also starts the trumpet judgments, as the seventh trumpet is the start of the vial judgments (Revelation 8:1-5). A short section tells who Satan really is. Learn of the rapture from where it starts, until you become part of the bride (the five wise virgins). The two witnesses of the Lord have certain powers and you will learn what is in their power to do. The book explains who the Antichrist and the false prophet really are.

Behold the spiritual restoration of Israel when the Jewish people saw the King of Kings standing on the Mount of Olives. The destruction of Vatican City is followed by the battle of Armageddon. Learn which countries will fight against Israel in that battle. Read of the return of the Lord for His reign as King for one thousand years. The Devil has also been locked away for one thousand years, but when he is released, the final fire from heaven will cleanse the world from all forms of sin. The final judgment comes when the books will be opened and the coming of the New Jerusalem (the wife of the Lamb of God) is restored to Earth.

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Keywords:- The End Times, Wrath of God, Revelation explained, Daniel Timeline, Day of Judgment, Opening of the Seals, The Rapture, The last Trumpet, Vail Judgments.

Genres:- Religion.

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