The War Has Ended But The Memory Lingers On – by Christiaan Gutteling

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This fascinating tale of living under German occupation during World War II is told from the unique perspective of a Dutch secret agent. Highlighted by high drama, it is an epic story of life and conflict in the presence of an oppressive enemy.

The anti-German struggle in the Netherlands was centered on sabotage requiring stealth and cunning. The reality of war forced many to choose between helping with the resistance, going into hiding, or leaving the country. Those who stayed and served saved countless numbers of Jewish lives and aided the war effort by covertly gathering and disseminating valuable information.

The author narrowly escaped the Germans as the British Navy came to his rescue. His story of unremitting toil to overtake an unrelenting enemy is stirring, inspiring, and unforgettable.

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Keywords:- War, Navy, Airforce, Foreign, Sabatoge, Bombers, Drama.

Genres:- Biography & Autobiography, Military, History, World War II, Personal Memoirs.

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