The Venger : An American Western – by Fred Broussard

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The year is 1857. Joelee matures during the exploration of the Louisiana Purchase. Brutal upbringing shapes his existence, causing the man to become a believer in revenge. Joelee trains himself in the weapons of killing ­ — the axe – the gun – the knife. His first quest begins with revenge against his stepfather. Afterwards, Joelee determines that delivering Justice is his niche in life. In the expanding west, greedy men take the property of others by force. Because there is no law west of the Mississippi, persons terrified by the prospect of confronting the villains either unite as Vigilantes, or pay a champion to become Sheriff. Joelee is not a Sheriff, but angry victims seeking vengeance request his services.

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Keywords:- Mule, Bees, Squaw, Panorama, Apache, King, Hazard.

Genres:- Fiction, Westerns Fiction, Action & Adventure.

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