The Ultimate Reprieve – by Daniel Romm

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Ben Davis, a student at the prestigious Academy of Science, receives an ominous message, purportedly from the future, which he deems to be a hoax. Fast forward one century when worldwide oil reserves are nearly depleted. The Academy’s own Professor Richardson develops a solution and Ben, still alive as a result of biomedical advances, is sent on a mission in space to implement it. Another century later, civilization’s existence is threatened when a black hole near Mercury arises that will eventually engulf the sun. The Academy is called upon to save mankind. Ben is transported to the past in a time machine so he can warn the world in time to correct course. But since contradictory futures are paradoxical and forbidden to arise in nature, how will Ben be able to go back 200 years and change the outcome? The Ultimate Reprieve is a vision of mankind’s finest hour as the world faces inevitable doom.

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Keywords:- Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Tachyons, Light, Special Relativity, Quantum Theory, Time Travel, Time Machine, Doomsday Scenario, Philosophy, Theology, Modern Science, Utopia, Religion, Evolution, Many Worlds Version Of Quantum Theory, Entropy, Anthropic Principle, Mathematics, Zorn’s Lemma, Sociology, Education, Gravity, Medicine, Genetic Engineering, Energy Crisis, Black Hole, Quasars, Energy, Cosmic Speed Limit, Einstein, Cosmological Constant, Maxwell’s Equations, Spacetime, Electromagnetic Waves, Gravitational Waves, Big Bang, Photons, Gravitons, Esp.

Genres:- Fiction, Science Fiction, Adventure, Action and Adventure.

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