The Triad Conspiracy – by David Gatesbury

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Ruthless people abduct Linda Moreland from a Manhattan street corner in broad daylight. She is the single mother of a five-year-old boy with a liver disorder.

They take her to a deserted building and inject her with a powerful drug before interrogating her. Concluding they have the wrong person, Linda’s abductors realize others could make the same mistake and kidnap her son. While her mind is in a vulnerable state, they resort to using a hypnotic suggestion for strengthening her convictions to get her to comply with their demands.

When releasing her, she’s informed they have her son, and to gain his freedom she is compelled to steal classified information from an aeronautical defense installation in Washington, D.C.

Acting as Evelyn Werner, the original target her kidnappers had mistaken her for, and one of the architects of a technologically advanced satellite, Linda achieves the goal. But before releasing her son, the kidnappers squeeze her to deliver more.

Caught up in The Triad Conspiracy, she must compete against spies in a world of espionage.

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Keywords:-Classified, Espionage, Intelligence, Kidnap, Agent, Thriller, Hitchcock.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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