The Tree of Life & the Origin of the Species – by Philip Bruce Heywood

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First ‘cab off the rank’ in terms of uniting the startling 21st Century Origins related science advances with the biblical account. The technical basis of the ending of the origins controversy – detailed, bible based, science based, concentrating especially but not exclusively on the first nine chapters of the Bible — universe, solar system, species, man, the great flood. Details solar system (late completed composite); moon origin (common donor –capture); species origin (staged revelation employing info. tech. –analogue tree growth); debunks Darwinism or Common Descent; establishes cause of the great flood; sobering, biblical-science based deductions re. climate and our future. The most complex science has to do with origins so the most difficult science aspect of the scriptures is the origins-related part. It has suddenly focused. The oldest parts of the scriptures have of necessity taken the longest for science to advance to their level. The two ‘sons of oil’ – the divinely inspired Old and New Testaments – are rising from fictitious supposed death at the hands of an unbelieving world.

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Keywords:-Species Origin, How to Teach Evolution, New Developments Evolution & Science Education, Understanding Genesis, What The Bible Says About Global Warming, Future of Planet Earth, Answers in Genesis, How am I to Interpret The First Chapters of the Bible.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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