The Sudan Curse – by Martina Nicolls

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The Sudanese say that they can find out how a story ends, but will never know where it began.

An explosion in Cairo propels professional aid worker, Jorja Himmermann, into a whirlwind of suspense when she shockingly discovers a mysterious ancient Egyptian ring in her purse. Who put it there? Is the person coming back for it? Is the ring a fortunate omen that will lead to true love, or is it cursed? Follow Jorja into remote and isolated regions of Sudan on her next assignment where her colleague, a Sudanese Lost Boy returning to his country after twenty years of exile, believes he is cursed. Is he the only one? Perhaps Jorja is, too – as she is exposed to disasters, disease and death.

The Sudan Curse is an electrifying action-packed drama. It brings Sudan’s and Jorja’s hardships to vivid life providing an expose of idealism, inequality, conflict, despair, and the delusion of love amid the ruggedness of a country emerging from civil war.

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Genres:- Fiction, Suspense, Romance, Suspense, Action & Adventure.

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