The Story of Everdream: Book 1: The Christmas Witch – by Robert L. Welsh

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In the delightful tale The Story of Everdream: Book 1: The Christmas Witch, a young girl named Holly encounters a fairy while playing in the woods.

The fairy takes Holly to Everdream, a city in the clouds inhabited by magical elves and fairies, who use their magic to help Santa Claus make Christmas special every year. Everdream is also home to a magical door, which is Santa’s only way in and out of the North Pole.

Santa has a sister named Jellis Claus. She hates Christmas, children and her job helping the elves make toys. Jellis is envious of Santa, so she leaves the North Pole in a rage to study magic with the gnomes. She becomes a powerful elf witch and returns to Everdream with a demand: “Put me in charge of Christmas or I will forever close the magical door to the North Pole.”

The elves and fairies refuse, so Jellis shuts the door, meaning there will be no more Christmas or Santa. It’s up to Holly to help the elves and fairies reopen the magical door and save Christmas. Can she do it?

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Keywords:- Children’s, Witch, Christmas, Magical, Award Winner, Santa, Fairies.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Holidays & Celebrations, Christmas & Advent, Fantasy & Magic.

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