The Stoner Philosophy – by Ryan James Martin

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The Stoner Philosophy concerns spirituality, politics, and unanswered questions in the universe.

The book is a condensed synopsis about where the world is heading if we continue on the path we’re going.

It embodies a whole new look on the color spectrum, what we define as “elements,” and our understanding of the human mind. I believe my views on politics, science, and the business world are something new to society, including a whole new look into magic, while also explaining exactly what magic is. I take a look into Greek and Roman philosophy, as well as New Age thinking.

My book will hopefully give the common man a better perspective on spirituality and science in a few dozen easy-to-read pages. It provides interesting conversation topics for discussion groups, or just something to talk about with friends. The Stoner Philosophy is for the curious.

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Keywords:- Philosophy, Magic, Witchcraft, Witch, Wicca, Science, Spectrum, Meaning, Ryan, Martyn.

Genres:- Mind, Body & Soul.

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