The Short-Short Story : A New Literary Genre – by José Flávio Nogueira Guimarães

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The Short-Short Story: A New Literary Genre is explained by José Flávio Nogueira Guimarães, as we learn about the origins of the short-short story as well as its main characteristics.

The author paints the whole picture, including the emergence of the novel, the genre that begot the tale that begot the short story. The rising of the short-short story was influenced by the journalistic writing and the short story. He was motivated to write this book because he wondered how a writer can accomplish so much in so few words.

The great Russian author Anton Pavlovich Chekhov is the father of the short story as well as the short-short story. This book pinpoints the existence of two sub-genres of the short-short story: the new sudden fiction and flash fiction.

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Keywords:- Short Short Story, Genre Criticism, Literary Genres, Flash Fiction, New Sudden Fiction, Hybridism.

Genres:- Language Arts & Disciplines, General.

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