The Secrets of UDA: United Dwarf Alliance: Book 6: Lord Despot and the Goblin Invasions – by William J. Jarema

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Delko and his companions escaped the Monastery of Fordosheol, having conquered Archbishop Haridan and his evil minions. Now they must face a more dastardly foe: Despot, the son of Archbishop Haridan. Despot plans to steal the last of the four keys that will open one of the Emerald Doors, which provides entrance into the forbidden lands of the Elemental Dragons.

Thestral has been dwelling in the underworld for over two thousand years awaiting his rebirth. Despot magically impregnates Princess Adi, who gives birth to Thestral. Thestral will even sacrifice his mother to release the creatures from the dark abyss, so he can conquer the Cave Dwarfs, annihilate the Elf Queendom, and steal the last of the four keys from the Druids to help his father Despot open an Emerald Door.

Despot and Humford, a previous governor for the School of Dark Magic, create an alliance with the mother of the underworld, Saligia, who will unleash each of her seven children to create havoc and devastation among the nine dwarf clans, reducing their ability to aid the Druids, the Elf Queendom, and the Cave Dwarfs.

Keywords:- Dwarfs, Druids, Elves, Magic, Good Magic, Magic Spells, The Underworld, Goblins

Genres:- Science Fiction & Fantasy

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