The Romantic Comedies of Clover (Four Happy-go-lucky Men Scheme to Win Over the Woman of Their Dreams) – by Jerry Dampier

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Four men conspire to come up with a scheme – that really only empties their bank accounts – so each can go out on an extravagant date with Clover, the Woman of Their Dreams.

During the dates, each masquerades as a rich and important man to impress Clover, hoping she will fall madly in love with one of them.

As each man arrives at Clover’s apartment to pick her up for their date, the poor guy is sabotaged by Clover’s next-door neighbor. The four unsuspecting, tea-totaling men are given substances that alter their already peculiar personalities. As a result, while on their dates, each man displays buffoonery that’s so bizarre, silly, and shocking to everyone present that each date turns into comic disaster.

Payback comes swiftly during a dinner party hosted by Clover. The four men play a series of practical jokes on Clover’s next-door neighbor, resulting in the man’s humiliation, as well as comic relief for the other guests at the party. But will any of the Romeos end up with the girl?

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Keywords:- Romance, Comedy, The Gating Game, Love, Lust, Dinner Party, Practical Jokes.

Genres:- Romance.

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