The Promise : One that just might cost her her life – by R.A. Carter

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Ruthie Carpenterís life is suddenly torn apart when her husband, Bill, unexpectedly dies from a massive stroke. Filled with sorrow, Ruthie mourns the loss of her lifelong companion and retreats to the solitude of their once happy home. But when his ghost appears before her, asking her to promise to do one last task for him, Ruthie finds the answer she had been looking for: a trip that will enable her to snap out of her depression and begin a new life. Equipped with a motorhome, an old treasure map, and her best friend, Toni, Ruthie sets out on a long journey through the beautiful wilderness of North America.

Her pleasure trip soon turns into a nightmare when Ruthie and Toni realize they have become targets of a madman by the name of Carl Winslow. Their only hope for survival lies with the ghost of her husband and the spirit companion of a gray wolf.

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