The Ponsenby Journals : Strange Stories from India & other Places – by Rex Roxon

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In a rich literary and poetic style, The Ponsenby Journals describes the adventures and experiences of Lt. Col. Ponsenby, a retired British India medic, who travels around the world having hilarious and scary adventures: looking for pirate treasure, getting lost in the Borneo jungles, going on medical junkets in far-flung places, and nearly being eaten by lions and sharks. He meets individuals with strange and unusual points of view: copulating missionaries with their awful wedded wives, doctors who wished they had become historians, and others with a plethora of opinions on subjects ranging from religion to drugs, terrorism, and politics. Words of wisdom often come from the mouths of people depicted as idiots, which gives rise to laugh-out-loud funniness. Finally, Ponsenby meets a strange fellow from Poland who has even stranger views on almost everything. He is an Egyptologist with a passion for the mysteries of the Nile River, a cave wall in Easter Island, and a glass pyramid two-thirds full of water…which is a symbol of the antichrist – ha! This leads to the revelation of a secret crypt in Ethiopia where a group of adventurers come across ancient relics, including Abraham Lincoln’s false teeth.

Rex Kearns taught in Aboriginal schools, throughout Australia. He reads everything, understands everything. WOW!

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Keywords:- Olivier Levasseur, Candice Odenver, Great Freedom, British India, Mystical Tigers, Pontianaks, North Borneo, West Africa, Gambier, Nile Mysteries, Malay Ghosts, Jiddu Krishnamurty, Hall Of Records, Glass Pyramid, Phantom Cats, Abc, Prophecy End Of Age, Nile River Mystery, Egypt, Mr Mugabe, Suharto, China, Tibet, Terrorists, Easter Island, Ddt, Subtle Body, Png, Hhh, Indian Cricket, Mt Aarat, Rongo Rongo, Moai, Godhead, Blue Pearl, Pearl Of Wisdom, Ethiopia, Constantine, Kundalini Swedenborg.

Genres:- Fiction, Action & Adventure.

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