The Placebo Effect – by Larry Seeley

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Topical, wild, and rough, The Placebo Effect offers a unique look into the strange world of designer drugs and how Mexican cartels operate across the border. It’s a war of attrition, and the cartels have more to spend and less to lose. Jack Sloan fans will latch onto the tale and cheer him to a Pyrrhic victory, one whose expense he may not be able to bear.

As one advance reviewer put it: The best of Seeley’s books. Well-written, exciting, entertaining, and tense. I read the first forty pages, then…I picked it up and read until the end—and what an end it was!! The characters are engaging—some of the worst bad guys you’ll find in a novel, and you will love Jack Sloan…steady, humorous, brave, and trustworthy. He does things he shouldn’t but his wife, Darlene, is smart and forgiving. A must-read for anyone who enjoys this genre.

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Keywords:- Cartel, Drug, Adventure, Thriller, Jack Sloan, Mexico, Southwest.

Genres:- Thriller.

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