The Pirate King – by Stephen L. Props

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The Pirate King is the author’s debut novel, blending history, action, adventure, romance, the epic Napoleonic era, and piracy into a fictional story based on actual historical events. If you’re looking for swashbuckling adventure and romance on the high seas, read The Pirate King!

While betraying Thomas Parsons, a tavern patron, to the occupying British, Frenchman Michel LeFevers learns of a considerable tax payment being shipped from Calcutta to London. Always the opportunist, LeFevers sells the information to his cohort, Nazar Samburu, a Madagascar pirate king.

Unknowingly, LeFevers sets off a series of events that will bring him, Nazar, his bitter wife Maha, and the betrayed Thomas Parsons together on an epic adventure, with Thomas becoming essential to everyone’s survival.

Upon learning that his beautiful wife Emily has fallen victim to Mediterranean Barbary Pirates, Thomas gains assistance from the people he so courageously saved. Entangling England, India, Madagascar, Algiers, the British Navy, the British Tea Company, Nazar’s pirate league, and the Barbary Pirates, Thomas is determined to rescue his beloved.

Tottering upon the dawn of a new era, the fate of the post-Napoleonic world could very well hinge upon the outcome.

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Keywords:- Pirate, Action, Adventure, Romance, Historical, Fiction, Suspense.

Genres:- Action/Adventure.

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