The Payyoli Draupnir : An Asgard-Kailash Expedition – by Mohan Narayanan

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Draupnir, the magical golden arm ring of Odin, is carried away by the mystical Hindu bird Garudan. The Norse Gods desperately want it back, but are dependent on the help of the Hindu Gods. Freya, the Norse Goddess of wealth, beauty and love, undertakes the recovery mission by dealing directly with the Hindu God Vishnu, whose vehicle for flying happens to be none other than Garudan.

The ring is cursed by Devi, the Goddess of Payyoli, making it lose its magical power of producing eight fresh gold rings every ninth day. Even worse, the ring lands at the bottom of an icy lake in the Himalayas. Freya engages the two Norse dwarfs who had originally forged the ring to retrieve it from the lake.

The recovery of the stolen ring involves Harani and Manikkam, the protagonists of the author’s first book, The Payyoli Pendant, as well as modern technologies used by the Norse Gods.

The Payyoli Draupnir weaves a captivating bond between the Norse and the Hindu Gods.

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Keywords:- Fantasy, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Children’s Fantasy, Tantric practices, occult, dark fantasy.

Genres:- Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal.

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