The New Pharisee – by Jeff Saxton

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Jeff Saxton exposes several hidden dangers that may be limiting the quality and effectiveness of your spiritual growth in The New Pharisee – one of the most enlightening books available today regarding religious hypocrisy.

Discover how to identify key areas in your life that are void of spiritual authenticity, and learn how to take steps toward recovery and removal of the Pharisee within you. The New Pharisee is a clarion call for Christians to see and understand the dangers that lurk within us and to undergo a complete spiritual makeover!

“They’re back! Those Pharisees who gave Jesus such a hard time have returned. But today they’re in the church. Jeff Saxton examines the life that resists Jesus more than obeys him. It’s an important read. But be ready. This book turns on the stadium lights.” — Mark Nysewander, Teaching pastor at RiverStone Church; Author of The Fasting Key

“The New Pharisee is a sobering look at the characteristics of the New Testament era Pharisee and the reappearance of nearly identical attitudes in the Church today.” — Dr. George O. Wood, General Superintendent, The General Council of the Assemblies of God

“In this courageous first book, Jeff Saxton redefines self-righteousness through an insightful evaluation of our own disillusionment. The New Pharisee is as prophetic as it is pastoral, not simply deconstructing and dismantling the flaws in modern Christianity, but offering a hopeful alternative that reflects the humility of Christ. You will be inspired and challenged by Jeff’s honesty.” — Christopher L. Heuertz, International Director Word Made Flesh; Author of Simple Spirituality

“Jeff Saxton is a man after God’s heart and this book is born out of his genuine pursuit of an authentic Christian faith. You will see the heart of Jesus more clearly and your heart will respond with deep love for Him as you read this book.” — Kenneth Krause, Director of Bethany College of Missions

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Keywords:- Transformation, Self Help, Historical Jesus, Evangelical, Life Application, Christian, Bible Study.

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