The Mountain of Long Eyes : An Anthology of Science Fiction and Fantasy (formerly none) – by Thomas Wm. Hamilton

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About 500 years pass between the first story and the last in The Mountain of Long Eyes: An Anthology of Science Fiction and Fantasy. This wonderful collection of science fiction and fantasy stories range from a Native American shaman using magic to battle modern-day terrorists in “Mountain of Long Eyes,” to space opera mysteries in distant galaxies in the story “Beyond Space.”

A character playing a prime role in two of the stories is a woman who flees a planet ruled by a repressive theocracy as a teenager in “Crime and Consequences.” Her adult story is told in “Beyond Space.”

There is humor and social criticism in “Why My Mother Hates Me,” and there is horror in “The Seat of Learning” and the vampire story “Red Blood.” A president may or may not have stopped an attempted coup in “Viewpoints.” It is left for the reader to decide. An assault across alternate universes takes place in one tale, and there’s even a ghost story in “Why I Must Move.”
The collection is well balanced with humor, politics, horror, space opera, alternate history and time travel.

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Keywords:- Moons, Planetary Satellites, Eclipses, Orbits, Dwarf Planets, Natural Satellites.

Genres:- Science Fiction, General, Fantasy, Contemporary, Alternative History.

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