The Missing Handyman Gene (9781606931288) – by Michael Patterson

Price: $9.99

This book is a comical but entirely true collection of ridiculously flawed decision making, mostly involving handyman projects, stretching over 25 odd years. This book will take the reader on a hilarious journey stretching from school years, through to mid life with no mercy spared on the unfortunate author.

This journey will start with basic flawed school projects, meander through comical situations caused through the mundane, such as mistaken identity, lack of thought, and an aversion to reading instructions.

This book will make the reader recall similar situations in life where logic deserts us all, bringing laughter to family and friends.

By the end of this journey the real handymen will be rolling on the floor with laughter, others will be recalling similar close calls never admitted, and wives will be recognizing their own husbands. Teenagers will travel this journey with interest, many recognizing that their “old man” is really part of a select calling This story will reach a climax worthy of a suspense novel, which could easily have been a lot less funny, but instead, may just supply the incentive for many to give up the act, or ammunition for the much smarter partner to force the issue.

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