The Markwell Manor Mystery : A DJ Benson Adventure – by JA Davies

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DJ’s family has just inherited a mansion in Sydney courtesy of their relatively unknown and somewhat mysterious Uncle Clive. But moving from their country town to the lap of luxury proves to be easier said than done.

Uncle Clive’s historic mansion already has other occupants—and these ghostly residents don’t want company! They aren’t the only ones who don’t want the Benson family in the mansion; a former employee wants to scare the Bensons away so he can use the building for his own purposes.

Why are there ghosts in the manor? What is the criminal plotting? What really happened to Uncle Clive?

Eleven-year-old DJ is the only one who can unravel the mystery of Markwell Manor in this spine-tingling adventure.

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Keywords:- Haunted, Mansion, Inheritance, Ghosts, Journal, Supernatural, Criminal.

Genres:- Fiction, Mystery & Detective, General, Family Life.

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