The Majolica Method (9781606932261) – by Susan Mussi

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This book is in two parts, the first explains the method of working and the second is a glossary. Very few art schools teach this method and the old way of learning is finished. You cannot start at thirteen years old working and learning this specialty in a factory. When I say factory, I mean a human factory where everything was done by hand. You learnt to paint, drawing with a brush, by decorating hundreds of plates and jars.

What sets this method apart from other techniques is that the decorating is done in one firing. A white, opaque, glaze-base is applied on to bisque, already fired clay, decorated with ceramic colors, then fired at 9800 C. They fuse together, this integrates them forming other colors and shades and the glaze forms a smooth, vitrified, unbroken surface.

I have written this book and done all the illustrations and photos. I did it for two reasons, the first is that I have never found a good book that explains the Majolica Method and the other is that I hope, in a small way, to promote and help keep this beautiful method of decorating ceramics alive – Susan Mussi.

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