The Magic Loop : How to Use Your Words to Heal Yourself! – by Roy Cage

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If you want to get well…really well, then you need this book! It is a quick, easy ‘read’ because it goes directly to the point and sticks to it! Your body is governed by your brain, and your brain is largely controlled by your mind. This book explains, illustrates and teaches a unique method of using imagination, analytical thought, logical phrasing, speech, and reflected sound to create a powerful self-healing technique, which Cage refers to as The Magic Loop. Cage uses widely accepted and well-known physical laws to illustrate the underlying truths behind the technique. You will understand how and why this works by understanding the workings of familiar, physical objects and the laws that govern them. The Magic Loop, can help restore you to health, and keep your maintenance systems functioning at their highest level. When your doctor does not have all the answers, this technique can help you to help yourself.

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Genres:- Health & Fitness.

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