The Lost Monks Of Avalon : ‘Avalonian Traveller’s Guide’ – by Andrew David Doyle

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The humourous, captivating and enlightening fantasy adventure The Lost Monks Of Avalon takes place at an enclave of 5th century Scottish Cistercian Monks, where one member of the Order had been secretly implanted within their ranks. This Novice is manipulated by a higher Order of beings from the Orion’s belt cluster known as “Avalonian Temple Dwellers” who are on a desperate crusade to inhabit the planet Earth since the universe as they know it is about to implode.

Will the young monk be able to thwart the mission and protect the Keys of Nergal and return them to the planet Avalon? Follow the intrepid adventure in this gripping and visceral novel.

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Keywords:- Spiritual, Cistercians, Religion, Sci Fi, Time Travel, Orion’s Belt.

Genres:- Fiction, Fantasy, Historical.

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