The Kurdish Outlaw’s Captive- by Rosalyn A. Kendrick

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Katherine Lassiter, the beautiful young fiancée of history professor Frank Rymer, joins him on an expedition to eastern Turkey in search of the tomb of King Antiochus of Commagene.

Unknown to Katherine, Frank has become involved with some very unsavoury people, including ex-Colonel Hakan, celebrity Russian psychic Natasha Metz, and the “overlord” of the region – Agha Tariq Murat – a man who persecutes the villagers he “owns,” most notably the family of Black Orhan, a local hero and an outlawed man.

Orhan is on a mission to avenge the murder of his nephew when he discovers Frank has a lovely silver-haired fiancée. Initially hoping to use her to get to Frank, a powerful attraction grows between them as a secret relationship develops, leading Katherine to make some unpleasant discoveries.

When the intensely passionate Orhan demands she leave Frank and become his woman, Katherine finds herself in a difficult and dangerous position. Will her heart overcome her good sense?

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Keywords:- Romance, Adventure in Turkey, People drugs and weapons trafficking, Turkish archaeological sites and history, Kurdish separatism, Tourism, Love story.

Genres:- Romance.

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