The Kitten Burglar – by John A. Burnham

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Everyone calls Amanda “Kitten” but few are in on the joke—Amanda is a cat burglar.
Life is great for Kitten; she drives a Corvette, has great working hours and enjoys a rush from plying her trade. In a flash, all that changes when she learns that both the mob and the law know who and what she is.
Now Kitten has to choose between teaming up with one or the other. Detective Garth Moore presents her with the best option she is going to get. If she will employ her unique talents to help him bring down a vile child porn operation, she will be granted immunity and a new identity. When the mob is after you, a clean slate doesn’t sound half bad.
She is reluctant about her new duties at first, but as she plays her part to protect the innocent in the unfolding investigation, she finds something she didn’t even know was missing—herself.

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Keywords:- Mystery, Crime, Cop Story, Crime Drama, Child Abuse, Child Pornography, Burglary, Cat Burglar, Alternate Lifestyles, Dynamic Women, Racial Equality, Acceptance Regardless Of Sexual Orientation, Esteem Regardless Of Sex Or Race Or Religion Or Sexual Orientation, New Age, Importance Of Coincidence, Trusting Intuition, Creating Your Own Reality, Exciting Drama Without Sex Or Chase Scenes.

Genres:- Fiction, Adventure.

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