The Italian School Teacher – by D.W. Chisholm

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Elizabeth “Litzy” Howard is the only female lawyer at her Nebraska law firm. While working on a will, she discovers that the beneficiary, Sebastian Bandello, lives in Italy. Litzy encourages Sebastian to come to America to see the valuable ranch he has inherited in western Nebraska.

Upon his arrival, they travel out to the ranch. But within the first day, they are met with violent hostility, as shots are fired into the ranch house. As Litzy and Sebastian drive over the property the next day, they are kidnapped, only to be abandoned out on the prairie.

As the two trudge across the vast expanse looking for help, they see a campfire, and Sebastian asks for assistance. When the strangers there attack Sebastian, Litzy panics and drives off in their jeep. Certain that Sebastian has been killed, she is threatened by everyone she meets, including the police.

Adamant to find Sebastian still alive, Litzy searches for him, and for the reasons behind their attacks, learning that the water source beneath the ranch is more valuable than gold. But Sebastian has had enough. The Italian School Teacher returns home to Italy, where life is not so violent!

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Keywords:- Italian Man, Female Lawyer, Kidnapping, Love, Water Rights. Subject: Bringing A Handsome Middle-aged School Teacher From Italy To Claim An Inheritance In The Prairie Lands Of Nebraska, Litzy Howard Has No Idea That She Is Putting Him Into A “war” Being Waged Over Water Properties. As He Arrives At His Ranch He Is Shot At And Kidnapped, Feeling Responsible For Sebastian Litzy Is Determined To Find Him.

Genres:- Fiction, Action & Adventure, Suspense.

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