The Holy Mountain (9781606932162) – by Thomas William Nielsen

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“During the night it happened. Rumors from the east had spoken of the arrival of pale men and women, with fiery sticks that could kill from a great distance. The medicine man, Falcon Eye, had been fasting for weeks to receive a vision that could tell him and his people how best to prepare for this new threat. This night his prayers to the Great Wankan-Tanka had been heard. Falcon Eye came out of his tepee while the sky was still midnight blue and the horizon spoke quietly of the coming dawn in purple and pink. He looked at the sky and took a deep breath…”

This is a Native American story about a holy mountain that can bring safety and peace to those who find it and bring back water from its streams. In an attempt to protect their people against the white invasion from the east, three Lakota warriors set out to find the holy mountain, but encounter many dangers on their journey before they can return with holy water from the mountain. However, there is one other thing that they didn’t expect.

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