The Heart Stone – by Raynor Woods

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Darkness has fallen upon The Realm of the Faeries. Spawned from the dark energy emanating from Earth, evil creatures invade their world, intent on destroying the peaceful and gentle Faerie race.

Somewhere between the realms of Earth and Faerie lie the answers. A young, imaginative girl is called upon to help the endangered faeries regain what was rightfully theirs.

Bullied by girls at school, Susan Grey finds herself catapulted from her everyday existence into the midst of an other-worldly battle between good and evil. With the help of her few trusted friends, Susan is asked to aid Queen Iridaan and her beloved faeries battle the creatures that threaten their very existence. However, should the faerie’s ancient Heart Stone be lost in battle then so will all hope for faerie and humankind!

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Keywords:- Fantasy, Pre Teens, Faeries, Fairies, Bullying, Angels, Magic.

Genres:- Fiction, Fairy Tales, Folklore & Mythology, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Magic, General.

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